Dear lord.... you are an EXTREMELY girly looking male. Although to be fair that probably has to do with the eyeshadow.

"Tch! Girly? Am not! Er… what’s eyeshadow?”


(( And then Skylark was raped non-consensually. THE END. ))

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askwildcard replied to your post: Hi Skylar. I’m Stormy Quill. If you’re ever looking for somepony to talk to or hang out with, I’m always available. ^w^


ffgfdhgfdjghdfhgj YESSIR. ;A;

You know, Fluttershy wants to be a tree. I bet if you roosted in her hair she'd feel like one and be really happy!


"Why’d she wanna be a tree? I mean, us bir—I, er—I mean the birds make nests in’em and stuff. Then she’d have all those twigs and leaves in her mane. Are you sure that’s what she said?

Hi Skylar. I'm Stormy Quill. If you're ever looking for somepony to talk to or hang out with, I'm always available. ^w^

"Hey Stormy, nice to meet’cha! Thanks for the offer, I’ll definitely keep you in mind. What do you like to do?"

(( Some fanart for Wildcard! :’D ))

(( Some fanart for Wildcard! :’D ))

"Well I love flying too..." his own wings extended. "The air is so nice..." he smiles "I also love playing around with other ponies... you know wrestling or just having a conversation... or some naughty things... but I won't get into those..." he starts to look excited. "You are just so cute..." he looks to the side "Sorry if I'm embarrassing you... I just have to compliment good looking ponies when I see them..."

"… Naughty things?” Skylark’s ears perked up as his muzzle wrinkled, uncertain as to what G had meant. “As in, getting in trouble, right?” He glanced down to his hooves awkwardly, hoping he wasn’t making a complete idiot out of himself. The stallion felt his cheeks warm up as the other pony complimented him once more, his gaze flickering back up to G as he offered him a reassuring smile, “Nah, you’re not! I’m just not use to it, that’s all. It’s relieving, actually. Thanks!” Maybe Twilight did a better job than he’d originally thought….


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Well Well Well, looks like a little some pony wandered away from the likes of ponyville. What’s the matter, got two left feet?

-The voice was raised throughout the forest, where blue birds were singing on your shoulders, however, in Malice’s case, they flew away as fast as their wings would carry them. Strictly because they were scared and paranoid for being unable to see who ever was taking the privileged of talking. He didn’t mind that people were more or less likely to be afraid of him, that was kind of his attention. Although he was kind of miffed that those birds were able to fly freely through the clouds without it raining on them. He’d envy instantly. Putting a paw on his chin, watching the other from afar as the shadows clasped itself around him-

Oh that’s right… You are a pony, aren’t you? How awful -A low laugh echoed throughout the trees, trunk to trunk, the leaves rustled in the wind that carried his laughter along the dirt pathways.-

An ear twitched as Skylark woke restlessly from his sleep, having been curled up on a long branch high up above the ground below, fallen leaves rustling along the barren path as the unfamiliar voice echoed throughout the forest once more. So, it wasn’t a dream, then?

Blue wings ruffled uneasily as he lifted his head. The pony’s golden eyes were still quite dazed, though trying to focus on the surrounding tress in order to locate the voice, one that knew him far too well for his liking. The bluebirds that usually stayed fairly close where nowhere to found, which began to trouble the stallion even further. It didn’t seem like there was any other animals around besides Skylark.. and whoever was taunting him… which, unfortunately for Skylark, were doing a very good job at.

He hadn’t said a word as the voice spoke, holding his tongue from saying something he might regret—but, when the unknown being laughed ever so mockingly, Skylark’s silent approached cracked.

"Of course I’m a pony,” the pegasus muttered lowly, knowing surely that voice could hear him as he scanned the nearby trees for any sign of life. “What else would I be?” he asked, trying his best to sound insulted. Skylark decided to keep his ponysona going for now, unless the stranger had any reason to make him say otherwise. The stallion stayed right where he was, perched on his branch, yet his stance slightly guarded for whatever was to come.


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